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By continuing with the prequalification process, I understand and agree that I am authorizing Search ROI, LLC to obtain a consumer report from TransUnion. Search ROI, LLC may use the report to authenticate your identity and connect you with products or services. The inquiry is a soft pull of your consumer report and does not affect your credit score.

I understand my information will be presented to a network of lenders and/or lending partners, and those lenders and/or lending partners will review and verify my information in order to determine if I may qualify for a loan. I acknowledge that lenders, lending partners, and other financial service providers may share my personal information with Search ROI, LLC, including approval status and funded status.

I understand that if I am not connected with a personal loan lender and/or lending partner at the requested amount, my information may be shown to additional lenders and/or lending partners who provide lower loan amounts and higher rates. I also understand that if I am not connected with a Lender I may be connected with other financial service providers that offer products associated with my selected loan purpose.

I certify that all information herein is true and complete. By clicking “Continue”, I give Carvana written consent to obtain, now and periodically, consumer credit reports (Reports) about me from consumer reporting agencies to show current & future credit product & services I prequalify for when financing with Carvana, as well as to verify information I provide to Carvana. I understand this authorizes Carvana to get multiple Reports, which may appear as an inquiry on my Report, but will not impact my credit score. This authorization expires when my current account information terminates unless I revoke earlier by contacting Carvana at [email protected].